Your Automower® served you well all summer and fall. You squeezed every last drop of fun out the warmer months. It trimmed the lawn and mulched the leaves while you ran around with your friends or took an afternoon snooze. Now your robotic lawn mower deserves nice a long winter’s nap. But do you know the proper winter storage for your robotic lawn pal? Below we provide recommendations on how to tuck him in safely.


Bath Time before Bedtime

Just like a human child’s routines, a nice bath before bed makes everything better.  Get your robot all shiny (but no soap please) with the Automower® maintenance and cleaning kit. Its tools gently lift and remove dirt, grass clippings, and the occasional dog bomb from the neighbor’s Schnauzer (bad dog!). By the way, you should treat your robot to regular scrubbies throughout the mowing season, too. This will keep it humming along in tiptop shape free of debris and gunk.


Just Go to Bed

Once you have a clean robot, it needs a nice bed. You don’t want to just plunk it on a shelf or on the gross floor in the garage. Surely you have higher regard for your bot than that! Give your lawn robot a place of prominence on the wall (almost like a trophy!) with the Automower® wall hanger. The hanger features space to make cozy beds for both your robot and its base station.


Bag Your Bot

Maybe you don’t have the wall space to hang your Automower® over the winter. Maybe your garage has too many drafts or too much dust for your robot to go naked all that time. Or maybe you plan to move before spring. We respect that. In these cases, a nice snug storage bag could fit the bill. Highly portable, it also protects against bumps, nudges, or curious creatures who wander into your storage area. Human children count as curious creatures (as do dogs, cats, mice, llamas, goats, and Guinea pigs).


Love Connections

This isn’t just about your feelings for your robot, although those count as well. When you disconnect your base station for the winter, the connector wires have a chance to run wild. Well, not actually run wild but they do create an interesting spaghetti-looking bunch of wires. Those tangles can create kinks and unnecessary wear on the wires, which can affect your robot. Keep those babies organized and protected with an Automower® connector protection box (as impressive as its name).


Spa Day

As a special treat, you can also schedule a professional maintenance and cleaning date. You take your car periodically for detailing, why should your lawnmower robot be any different? Bots receive a detailed cleaning, extra battery charge, fresh blades, and a 20-point inspection as part of their spa treatment. Professional providers can check and fix boundary wires breaks, too. You can even schedule a regular program that gives your robot a check-up several times a year.

Proper maintenance and storage practices come with the territory of being a responsible bot parent. By protecting your robotic lawn mower and all its parts, you’re investing in its (and your) future summers.

As the first dedicated robotic lawn mowing service provider in the St. Louis area, GizMow can help! Their experts can recommend additional solutions to help keep your investment safe and happy during the off-season. To learn more, call the good people at GizMow at 314-7-GIZMOW or complete the Contact Us form online.

GizMow is St. Louis’ first full-service robotic lawn care service provider. Driven by a belief in better lawns, better lifestyles and a better planet, we give home and business owners a long-term lawn care solution that’s nicer on the eyes, kinder on the ears, easier on the pocketbook and friendlier to the environment. Our robots work 24/7 to bring your lawn to quiet, consistent perfection. Our GizMow “pit crew” technicians deliver the human touch when it comes to installation, maintenance and customization. With a plan for virtually any-size lawn or budget, we do whatever ever it takes to help you Get Mow Out of Life™.

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