Have you ever asked someone for a good restaurant recommendation or the name of their specialist doctor? Or maybe you gushed to a friend about a recent purchase. Did you know this is one of the oldest and most trusted referral programs for any business? 

The Best Form of Advertising

Most times, if someone offers a suggestion for a product or service, it’s because they LOVED their experience. They will happily tell you all the reasons why. And research shows you are more likely to trust these recommendations over any other form of advertising. 

Dubbed Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM), Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Message reports that 92 percent of consumers around the world trust these recommendations from friends and family. WOMM heavily weighs into a consumer’s ultimate purchase decisions. The next level of trust is placed on online searches conducted by the consumers themselves. This means that the opinions of a complete stranger mean more than slick ad campaigns (sorry, Don Draper).

Share Your Experiences

With so many options for lawn care on the market, a consumer is bound to get overwhelmed. This makes input from friends and family all the more important. Not that you’d ever flaunt it, but if they see your amazing lawn, they may ask questions. Who does your lawn… wait, you do it yourself? How did you get it to look so healthy? Also, why do you look so relaxed on a Saturday morning? As a matter of fact, why aren’t you out mowing right now?

Maybe you did a lot of research on the high-tech world of robotic lawn mowers. Or maybe someone tipped you off. If you bought your robot from GizMow, there’s a good chance someone you knew told you about us. 

Now it’s your turn to shine. You can share your knowledge on how far this cool tech gadget has come in the last few years. Then, you can show them how hard you “work” at keeping your lawn in tiptop shape. It’s okay to be all slick here and amaze them with the Automower® Connect app on your smartphone

Rewards for You and Them

Who doesn’t enjoy giving a helpful tip to someone by referring them to a service you love? Because sharing your positive experiences has the same dopamine hit as receiving that awesome information from someone else.

For a limited time, GizMow will add an extra bonus to that dopamine rush by rewarding you, too. Refer your friend or family member to GizMow to check out our awesome models of robotic lawn mowers. If they buy and install, you get a $50 Amazon gift card and we’ll give them $50 off their installation. 

It’s no wonder that owners of GizMow Automowers® make the best friends and family members. They want to help their loved ones “Get Mow Out of Life,” too. Interested in helping others and getting a little something for yourself? 

Complete the simple referral program form on our website. We’ll send you a unique link to share with your entire contact list of friends and family. Refer as many people to the program as you like. Each time someone purchases an Automower®, we’ll notify you via email and send along your gift card.

GizMow is St. Louis’ first full-service robotic lawn care service provider. Driven by a belief in better lawns, better lifestyles and a better planet, we give home and business owners a long-term lawn care solution that’s nicer on the eyes, kinder on the ears, easier on the pocketbook and friendlier to the environment. Our robots work 24/7 to bring your lawn to quiet, consistent perfection. Our GizMow “pit crew” technicians deliver the human touch when it comes to installation, maintenance and customization. With a plan for virtually any-size lawn or budget, we do whatever ever it takes to help you Get Mow Out of Life™.

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