Funny thing about lawns, they can start to take on a level of importance on par with men’s hair. This is especially true if someone’s yard starts showing thinning patches or <gasp> a bald spot. If you do nothing, it will likely only get worse. Unlike men’s hair, you cannot blame genetics, but there are several ways to solve lawn pattern baldness.

Common Causes

Before you can solve the bald spot, you have to figure out what caused it to begin with. Finding the culprit turns into a game of Clue. Bare spots can crop up any time of the year and can have a number of causes. Drought, over mowing, dull mower blades, chemical burns, a proliferation of weeds, or insect infestations are common causes. Issues like foot traffic or ruts made by bikes and kid toys also rank high on the list of causes. Sometimes, a tree proves too much for even the hardiest of shade-loving grass varieties. Sleuth out the source then head to the next step.

Solutions and Repairs

You did your research and found the problem. Maybe you unearthed grubs, realized you scalped your yard, or discovered neighborhood kids use your yard as a thoroughfare. You have to come up with a plan for dealing with the problem. Infestations require treatment and removal. Scalped lawns need you to give them a rest or sharpen your mower blades. You can replace finicky grass with hardier species or find more acceptable ground cover. Or you need to lay off fast-release fertilizers and take steps to restore pH balance.

Whatever your problem, take the appropriate steps, and then remediate your lawn. This may require reseeding, laying sod, or planting ground cover that will appreciate the location more than grass does.

Neighborhood kids prove more difficult as trying to reroute them somewhere else may not work. Do you really want to be known as the ‘get off my lawn’ people? They usually end up at the receiving end of countless pranks, especially near Halloween. You can try to rope off areas while seedlings or sod get established, but kid habits die hard. You may have to resign yourself to laying down gravel along the path to prevent the patch from spreading farther.

Keep Lawn Pattern Baldness at Bay

Once you’ve repaired the bald spot, you need a game plan for how to keep it that way. Keeping a yard healthy doesn’t have to require a lot of extra work. In fact, you could be Getting Mow Out of Life™ by doing far, far less. Using a robot lawn mower can provide the gentle, well-scheduled cuts your lawn needs without the extra hassle. Controlled mow heights ensure you never scalp your yard again.

Automower® robotic lawn mowers have the added bonus of mulching while they cut, allowing extra nutrients to feed your lawn. Maybe you’ve already heard about the importance of gently reintroducing clippings back into your lawn. The biomaterial acts as a feed, providing nutrients essential for healthy grass. In the fall, chopped leaf material can do the same job.

Once you have your lawn pattern baldness solved, the experts at GizMow can help you keep your grass looking perfect. As the first dedicated robotic mowing sales and service provider in the St. Louis area, they understand your lawn. They can recommend the best robot for your yard and how often to schedule mows. Interested in learning more? Call them today at 314-7-GIZMOW or complete the online form to Get Started.

GizMow is St. Louis’ first full-service robotic lawn care service provider. Driven by a belief in better lawns, better lifestyles and a better planet, we give home and business owners a long-term lawn care solution that’s nicer on the eyes, kinder on the ears, easier on the pocketbook and friendlier to the environment. Our robots work 24/7 to bring your lawn to quiet, consistent perfection. Our GizMow “pit crew” technicians deliver the human touch when it comes to installation, maintenance and customization. With a plan for virtually any-size lawn or budget, we do whatever ever it takes to help you Get Mow Out of Life™.

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