I feel bad for my cousin Gertrude. Every time someone mows a lawn nearby, her allergies act up. Yeah, a hard knock in life for a goat. She has learned a few tricks along the way, probably not unlike you humans. For one, she never rolls around in freshly mowed hay. She also tries to stay in the barn whenever she hears a neighbor fire up their lawnmower.  

To avoid the perils of grass allergies, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology recommends avoiding contact with grass pollen as much as possible. Anyone susceptible to asthma has an added interest in avoiding trips to the hospital.

Of course, humans have the added benefit of taking some type of antihistamine before mowing the lawn. Many complain about the annoying side effects like dry mouth, dizziness or brain fog. If you ask me, dizziness and brain fog shouldn’t mix with lawn mowing. I mean, don’t the warnings on the medication boxes caution against operating heavy machinery while taking them? 

Psst- I have a secret to tell you… you do not need to suffer like this! Two of the main problems with allergies to freshly cut grass can be solved with a little planning and the touch of a button. 

Problem One: Allergens in the Air

A funny thing happened one time. Gertrude visited a friend whose human used one of those old-fashioned manual reel lawn mowers. You know the kind that look like they belong in horror movies with the open blades on a wheel? Her allergies didn’t bother her! Although she did keep an eye on the operator to ensure he didn’t try any Hollywood-style shenanigans. 

Of course, no one is recommending going to this hand-pushed contraption. You’re trying to spend less time mowing and more time enjoying life, right? However, there is something to this technique. By slicing the blades of grass and doing less damage to the grass itself in the process, fewer particles of pollen are released into the air. Guess what? A robotic mower like Automower® mimics this technique without the long hours pushing a reel mower around.

Problem Two: Exposure during Mowing Time 

Here’s another wild solution: mow in the middle of the night! This way when you wake up, the pollen has already settled down. 

What? You don’t want to get up and mow in the middle of the night? What about your family or the neighbors? Who said YOU had to do anything? Other than schedule a cut with your trusty Automower®? You program your coffee maker to have fresh brewed coffee waiting for you when you wander into the kitchen. You can program robotic lawn mower to have a freshly mowed lawn waiting for you in the morning, too.  Then you can take that coffee on your patio to enjoy your handiwork. Plus, with the quiet robotic motor, even the dog won’t lose a wink of sleep. Personally, I call this the very definition of working smarter not harder. And then reaping the rewards. 

Get Started with New Life

Ready to start the new chapter in your summer that doesn’t revolve around dosing with antihistamines and hiding from grass pollen? Visit GizMow’s Get Started page to connect with our leaders in robotic lawn care service. 

PS: This post should not be considered medical advice. Always consult with your physician or veterinarian for specific guidance. 

GizMow is St. Louis’ first full-service robotic lawn care service provider. Driven by a belief in better lawns, better lifestyles and a better planet, we give home and business owners a long-term lawn care solution that’s nicer on the eyes, kinder on the ears, easier on the pocketbook and friendlier to the environment. Our robots work 24/7 to bring your lawn to quiet, consistent perfection. Our GizMow “pit crew” technicians deliver the human touch when it comes to installation, maintenance and customization. With a plan for virtually any-size lawn or budget, we do whatever ever it takes to help you Get Mow Out of Life™.

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