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Automower® is an amazing technology— but is it practical for your property? Read ahead to see a few of the surprising places Automower® is trusted for 24/7 turf maintenance.

Whether you’re a landowner or landscaper, you’ve probably heard or seen something about Husqvarna’s Automower®, the world’s best-selling robotic lawn mower. If so, your curiosity has most likely been peaked! Maybe you’re interested in the latest smart technology, or you wonder what a robotic mower can do for the quality of your lawn.

While you’re learning more, keep in mind that Automower® is new— but it’s far from untested! Besides being a global sensation, properties around the country are home to one or more Automower® units. Read ahead to learn about some of the places you could host – or install, if you’re a forward-thinking landscaper – one of these amazing turf maintenance machines.

1. Homes

Maybe this first one isn’t much of a surprise. Homeowners want a lawn that’s always cut beautifully, and landscapers want to reduce their equipment costs. Whether you’re a pro or an average Joe, Automower® is a residential mower that’s easy to get behind.

12 surprising places you’ll find Automower®

2. Hotels and resorts

Noise is one of the biggest complaints hotels have about landscaping companies. After all, neither pool goers nor sleeping guests wish to be disturbed by ear-splitting power equipment. Hotel owners can eliminate that noise with Automower®, while adding eye-catching technology to their properties.
12 surprising places you’ll find Automower®

3. New communities

New construction neighborhoods have new lawns that need mowing. Automower® is a great solution for reliable, 24/7 grass maintenance. Plus, it’s a great way to show off for prospective tenants while they visit model homes or attend open house events.

12 surprising places you’ll find Automower®

4. Office complexes

Many office complexes have courtyards and sprawling lawns. Keeping these grassy areas maintained is practically a full-time job. There’s no better option than Automower®, which works quietly throughout the day and night.

12 surprising places you’ll find Automower®

5. Neighborhood associations

The grassy plots at neighborhood entrances and along sidewalks are a favorite among dog walkers and kids playing football— and they’re perfect spaces for Automower® to maintain.
12 surprising places you’ll find Automower®

6. High schools

School systems have tight budgets, and hiring the personnel to mow athletic fields can be expensive. Not only can Automower® handle the mowing itself, but a robotic mower makes for an excellent school mascot!
12 surprising places you’ll find Automower®

7. Universities

Commercial mower engines are a frequent disturbance around classrooms, research buildings and other educational spaces. Automower® will eliminate noise complaints from hardworking students and professors, while offering an impressive display for visitors to the institution.

12 surprising places you’ll find Automower®

8. Retailers

The world of retail is changing, and brick-and-mortar stores need every advantage to stand out from the pack. Mowing the grassy plot outside with an Automower® is an original way to grab some attention.
12 surprising places you’ll find Automower®
Golf courses typically require lots of personnel and premium equipment, so there’s nowhere more perfect for an Automower® to help out. Whether it’s maintaining a fairway or areas around the clubhouse, Automower® fits right in at the links.

12 surprising places you’ll find Automower®

10. City parks

City parks and green spaces are beloved spots for recreation and amateur athletic competition. Automower® is a smart solution for mowing sports fields, areas around playgrounds, disc golf courses and more.
12 surprising places you’ll find Automower®

11. Professional sports fields

Sports fields require neat, tidy turf for practice and competition— and exactly that’s what Automower® can provide. Or, if there’s a grassy space outside the main field, Automower® makes for a great point of interest and unique conversation piece.
12 surprising places you’ll find Automower®

12. City centers

All cities wish to appear forward-thinking when it comes to technology and the economy of the future. Installing an Automower® at the heart of a civic center is a good way to show residents that it’s a community that’s ready for the landscape of the twenty-first century.

12 surprising places you’ll find Automower®

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